Thursday, June 5, 2008

A New Masters Champion is Crowned (Day 4)

Today was the day I and every golf fan have been waiting for. There were so many possibilities of who could be the champion that you could not really put your money on anybody. The running of the bulls was more chaotic than the other days. More people showed up today and more people wanted to put their chairs on hole 18. Once the gates opened there was a mad rush to 18 and somehow my parents and I got separated and in the end our chairs were in different places on 18, but I was lucky enough to get a spot next to the scorecard house. After we put our chairs down we went to get some breakfast, and I followed Justin Rose for his front nine and went to check on my chair, and to my surprise someone had removed my business card that was on the back of my chair and put a cigar ring! I turned to the security guard and asked if my chair had been removed, since people were trying to crowd their chairs in the designated area the security guards were instructed to remove chairs that were not placed in the appropriate area. Thankfully this morning the head of security put his chair next to me and we talked for a while before I left to get lunch, so he told me that even though my business card was missing from my chair that it was mine and he would deal with anyone who said otherwise. So every guard that was involved with the incident of my chair came up to me periodically through out the day and tapped me on the shoulder and jokingly ask me if this was my chair. The morning hours were a bit stressful, but as the day wore on and Tiger, Phil, Immelman, Snedekar, and Ian Poultar teed off things began to get more exciting. As groups began to come in all of the contenders were approaching hole 16 and everyone was intently watching the scoreboard. Many people were cheering and hoping that Tiger would make a run as well as Phill and others were cheering for Sneadaker to make a move. As Phill hit his second shot on 18 his ball hit the TV tower on the left hand side of the green on 18 and it ricochet off of the TV tower and landed somewhere around the green on hole 9. He hit an amazing third shot back onto the green on hole 18 and made the putt for par. The last group finally made its way in and it was so classy of Snedaker to allow Trevor Immelman to walk up to the 18th green alone and receive all of the applause from the fans. The last putt by Immelman will forever be burned into my mind and hopefully my family and I will be able to go back to The Master next year.

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