Friday, June 27, 2008

2008 U.S. Women’s Open

The Women’s Open is underway and there has been some great golf already played as well as some not so good golf. I am so happy that they have added a live streaming broadcast, which I secretly watched/listened to at work yesterday. It was fun watching Paula, Annika, and Susan play together. It almost felt like I was there, except for the lag between picture and audio, but oh well.

Now onto the exciting stuff....the fashion.
I am sad to say that I did not see many outfits which I made me say to myself, “I have to have that!” But, nonetheless there were some fashion statements made. Let’s start with my favorite Maria Jose Uribe.

I really liked the dress she wore by adidas. Natalie wore the same dress on one of the practice days, it is really cute. When I saw this dress at the trade show which I spoke about a few entries back I did not like it, but once you see someone wear it you can actually see what it looks like and it definitely made me say, “hmm, I wonder if that would look good on me?”

My second would be the shirt Lorena Ochoa wore. When I was in Germany we stopped at a Lacoste store (which I always have to do when we are in Europe because Lacoste has this crazy notion that the US market is different than the European market. So I usually find some really cute clothes that I cannot find in the US, which causes a shopping craze in the Lacoste store, but that is another story.), and I bought the shirt that she wore yesterday, as well as some other things, and I was happy that she paired it with white shorts. This is a great example of having a “crazy” top and pairing it with a solid.

I also liked what Michelle wore. When I looked at the Nike collection at the trade show I probably found three things at most that were something I would want to buy, so I occasionally get surprised at what she wears. I really liked what she wore on her first round, plaid type shorts with a solid top and hat.

Here is one outfit, worn by Sakura Yokomine, that is a concept that totally works, but you have to pair the right shoes and socks with the outfit. I think if she wore shorter socks and black shoes then it would have been totally cute.

Last but not least, Miss Paula Creamer put a cute outfit together for the first round. I think Paula got together with the Designers at Adidas and she made this outfit. The cream color shirt is not featured in the collection, but the solid brown color is, and for this tournament I think she asked them to spice it up a bit and add stripes. It is a super cute outfit without being flashy.

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