Saturday, June 1, 2013

Putting Drill

Hi Everyone,
I came across this great drill that Paula Creamer uses to help with her putting. I have a GC Am Tour (Golf Channel Amateur Tour) Tournament tomorrow and I was just poking around the Golf Digest website trying to find some tips in preparation for tomorrow. I know most preparation should be done on the driving range or at the golf course, but work has taken up all of my time. Sadly my golf game has suffered immensely and I am just doing some "last minute studying" to remind me of the basics before my tournament tomorrow. Thankfully I have played in about 90% of the tournaments so far this year on the GC Am Tour and have been in the top half of my flight in most of them, but, my goal every year is to get 3 wins so I can qualify for Nationals which will be in La Quinta, CA this year. My lack of practice time has made this quite a bit harder for me. We have about 6 tournaments left so I am not too worried about it, but keep your fingers crossed for me! I hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend and all of you took a moment to remember the brave men, women, and service animals that gave their lives to make our so great. Enjoy the tutorial and wish me luck at my tournament!

                     Paula Creamer's Putting Drill