Wednesday, May 20, 2009

GCAT Tournament #3

Sunday was my third tournament for the Golf Channel Tour. I was really excited about this tournament because it was at a golf course I had played a few times during college when I was on the woman’s golf team. Although, I never played well on that course in college because I had only been playing for two years, I was really happy with my game coming into the tournament and I was ready to go out and play some really good golf. I had a slow/very bad start but on the third hole I got things together and made par, and after that everything just clicked and I started getting into the right tempo and things began to fall into place. Granted I left some shots and putts out there, but overall I was happy with my round and felt like I showed everyone that I really can compete with the rest of them and they better watch out. I shot a 97, which isn’t my best score ever, but I will take it considering the past few tournaments I haven’t played well and I can finally say that my swing is coming around and I am really starting to feel confident when I play. This tournament really pumped me up for my next tournament which is in three weeks and has motivated me even more to make my swing better and be more confident around the greens. I really want to blow everyone out of the water on the next tournament and if not that one then the next. I really want to make it again to the National Championships which take place in SoCal this year, and I will work hard to do so. Wish me luck

Sunday, May 10, 2009

PGA Tour Looking to Booze It Up

I was passed this article about the PGA Tour looking to add spirit drink to their tournaments. As much as I like beer especially when it is only $1.50 at The Masters tournament I sometimes want something cool and refreshing. I hope they end up doing it. Anyway, take a look at the article and let me know what you think! (Article and picture provided by

Friday, May 1, 2009

Annika Wines

Because we met Annika and her husband Mike at the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Magazine event two weekends we were lucky to get an invitation to the inaugural release of Annika at Wente Vineyards.

Back in October of 2008 Annika partnered with family-owned Wente Vinyards to embark on a new chapter in her life and follow in Greg Normans footsteps. This evening 2006 Annika Syrah will be released at her event in Livermore, CA. My family and I are lucky enough to attend a blending event tonight with dinner along with a golf clinic taught by Annika with a Tournament hosted by Annika to follow on Saturday. I am very excited for the event and as you know I will be twittering the entire time and taking as many pictures as possible. Hopefully the weather holds up. The predictions are rain Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Yuck!

Improve rhythm with a simple stroke

The Golf Channel Amateur Tour sends out weekly golf tips and I really liked this one and I don't think many people focus on the rhythm of their putting stroke so I thought I would share. I also just updated my site with pictures from my trip to The Masters.Enjoy!

Improve rhythm with a simple stroke

Timing and rhythm are important in all phases of one's golf game but especially in
putting, where rushing your stroke and thus pushing or pulling the ball off line is
just as costly as whiffing a tee shot. To retain good timing and rhythm on your
putts, avoid concentrating on the mechanics of the stroke during the actual play.
Such thoughts as taking it back with your right hand, or keeping the blade on line,
complicated your stroke and destroy timing and rhythm. Instead merely swing the
putter back and forward smoothly, rhythmically - and simply.