Friday, May 1, 2009

Improve rhythm with a simple stroke

The Golf Channel Amateur Tour sends out weekly golf tips and I really liked this one and I don't think many people focus on the rhythm of their putting stroke so I thought I would share. I also just updated my site with pictures from my trip to The Masters.Enjoy!

Improve rhythm with a simple stroke

Timing and rhythm are important in all phases of one's golf game but especially in
putting, where rushing your stroke and thus pushing or pulling the ball off line is
just as costly as whiffing a tee shot. To retain good timing and rhythm on your
putts, avoid concentrating on the mechanics of the stroke during the actual play.
Such thoughts as taking it back with your right hand, or keeping the blade on line,
complicated your stroke and destroy timing and rhythm. Instead merely swing the
putter back and forward smoothly, rhythmically - and simply.


Rory G said...

Hi, yes the pendulum smooth stroke with a significant follow through is vital. Another tip is to concentrate on the hole for 3 intense seconds, then look to the ball and stroke. The mind will use those 3 seconds to build a plan of action for your body to confidently sink the putt. Swing mechanics and mental golf meet!

Golf Management said...

While everyone tends to have his or her own idea of what rhythm really is, I have found in my observation of my students one undeniable fact. Everyone needs to find what works for them in the short run and stay with it making small modifications along the way to further simplify what is already working .This does'nt mean to say you refran from giving your students advise only keep it to a minimum. Remember putting and the individual rhythm of a putting stroke is a very personal subject because the ultimate goal is to develope feel dealing with feet rather than power dealing with yards as in the full swing.