Friday, June 27, 2008

2008 U.S. Women’s Open

The Women’s Open is underway and there has been some great golf already played as well as some not so good golf. I am so happy that they have added a live streaming broadcast, which I secretly watched/listened to at work yesterday. It was fun watching Paula, Annika, and Susan play together. It almost felt like I was there, except for the lag between picture and audio, but oh well.

Now onto the exciting stuff....the fashion.
I am sad to say that I did not see many outfits which I made me say to myself, “I have to have that!” But, nonetheless there were some fashion statements made. Let’s start with my favorite Maria Jose Uribe.

I really liked the dress she wore by adidas. Natalie wore the same dress on one of the practice days, it is really cute. When I saw this dress at the trade show which I spoke about a few entries back I did not like it, but once you see someone wear it you can actually see what it looks like and it definitely made me say, “hmm, I wonder if that would look good on me?”

My second would be the shirt Lorena Ochoa wore. When I was in Germany we stopped at a Lacoste store (which I always have to do when we are in Europe because Lacoste has this crazy notion that the US market is different than the European market. So I usually find some really cute clothes that I cannot find in the US, which causes a shopping craze in the Lacoste store, but that is another story.), and I bought the shirt that she wore yesterday, as well as some other things, and I was happy that she paired it with white shorts. This is a great example of having a “crazy” top and pairing it with a solid.

I also liked what Michelle wore. When I looked at the Nike collection at the trade show I probably found three things at most that were something I would want to buy, so I occasionally get surprised at what she wears. I really liked what she wore on her first round, plaid type shorts with a solid top and hat.

Here is one outfit, worn by Sakura Yokomine, that is a concept that totally works, but you have to pair the right shoes and socks with the outfit. I think if she wore shorter socks and black shoes then it would have been totally cute.

Last but not least, Miss Paula Creamer put a cute outfit together for the first round. I think Paula got together with the Designers at Adidas and she made this outfit. The cream color shirt is not featured in the collection, but the solid brown color is, and for this tournament I think she asked them to spice it up a bit and add stripes. It is a super cute outfit without being flashy.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fernando Figueroa

I came across this article from ESPNabout a golfer name Fernando Figueroa, who is from El Salvador. My mom’s side of the family is from El Salvador, so this article was especially exciting for me. He made his debut at the US Open at Torrey Pines, and sadly did not make the cut. I thought it was an interesting article and I thought I would share it will all of you.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Men’s Golf Fashion at Torrey Pines

It is finally summer golf season, which I personally love because I can wear cute skirts and dresses, but this season it is not all about women’s fashion. Back in February I was happily invited to join the buyer at our club to a buyers convention, and I got to see all of the new collections for Bobby Jones, Adidas, Nike, Spot Haley and many more. It was so awesome to look through the catalogs for the whole year (spring, summer, fall, and winter) and we got to see all of the samples including the new shoes, hats, and golf bags. I was definitely in my element and I helped our buy choose outfits for the men’s section in our proshop, as well as the women’s, and I am happy to say Tiger’s Collection for Nike is awesome. They have some great colors for their pants, shorts and shirts. I especially loved their various plaid shorts, and Nike made some great shirts to match. The 2008 U.S. Open has prompted the men to be out in full force with their fashion. Here are some of my favorites.

These three look great. The checked shirt was exciting the first few times Adam Scott wore it and it is now getting a bit old, but he still looks great.

Tiger of course looks great with "bright" colors because of his complexion and this blue is not exception.

All black is always a great outfit for men and women. It gives you a slimmer look as well as an intimidating non-nonsense style.

Here is another great color, which a lot of men are wearing.

Tiger also wore a brilliant shade of green on day 2.

Ian Poulter wore a great pink number, and after the Masters I call him the Rockstar and he usually does not disapoint with his outfits. I give him mad props for having the guts to wear what he does.

Justin Rose is one of my favorite players to watch even though his success is not what it should be, but he has a great clothing sponsor, Adidas, and he always puts great outfits together.

Shingo Katayama is another player who is fun to watch, especially since he always wears a cowboy hat! He has a lot of game and it is a matter of time when he will be considered as one of the best.

Men should not overlook how the dress, act and look overall on the golf course because more and more women are playing the game and we are looking for hot guys out on the golf course. :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Golf in Poland?!

My father grew up in Poland and I have been there at least five times and I never thought that golf would be of interest in a country that is big in soccer. Boy was I wrong. Poland currently has 15 golf courses with many more on the way. As we were driving from the Czech Republic into Poland I saw a sign for a Par 12 golf course. Number one I couldn’t believe there would be a golf course so close to the boarder and two it was Par 12! I wasn’t sure what that meant, so we went back to the golf course a few days later and inquired about what Par 12 meant, and the caretaker had no idea. He thought the developer saw it on another sign and decided to put it on his sign. The golf course wasn’t even close to being ready, but he said that in about a year or so it will be an 18 hole golf course. The next time I go to Poland I will definitely make it a point to make time for a few rounds of golf. Here are some pictures of the “golf course.”

This is the club house...

A fabulous view and the putting green...

The yellow markers are on the first tee box, and in the distance you can see a castle!

I think this golf course will be beautiful when it is finished and I can't wait to come back in two years and play a few rounds.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hurray for Michelle Wei

As you know I have been a Michelle Wei fan for a while, especially since she has moved to my neighborhood, but I always knew it was a matter of time until she came back. I that Michelle earned a spot into the 2008 Womens (sorry I can not find the appostraphy on this keyboard) Open by shooting a 67 and a 70. That is great! I hope she works extra hard at her game and goes into the tournament ready to shoot low and kicks some but. Except for Paulas of course. (I can not even make a smily face on this keyboard!)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The LET for WEI

The little time that I had on the internet I read that Michelle played in an LET (Ladies European Tour) Tournament and shot a final round under par to end up in 6th place. I am not sure if Michelle is thinking of playing on the LET full time, but it should be something she should consider. The LET will give her tournament experience and allow her to work on her game in an environment that is not as difficult as the LPGA, while playing with top players. I think she should play as much as she can on the LET for a season and then take a few sponsors exemption on the LPGA. The LETet will give her a lot of confidence as well as prepare her for success on the LPGA.

Free Internet

Sorry everyone for taking so long to post all of the entires from the Masters, but it is finally done and we can get to more exciting things. Right now, I am sitting in a hotel room in Nurnberg, Germany hoping that I will find a cafe with free internet along the way to getting some breakfast and post a few entries. The prices for internet are outrageous over in Europe. I was just in Israel and prices for everything are much worse. I think one Internet Cafe charged us $15 for 30 minutes. It was crazy, but that was the cheapest we could find at the time. Anyway, I will do my best to update as much as I can and keep up with what is going on in the golf world. One a Side note: I just went to a Starbucks that had a wi-fi sticker in the window, and the Barista said I had to enter my credit card number at the T-mobile site and pay for it. T-mobile is taking over all of the internet access and they charge you an arm and a leg for it. It’s awful. I was lucky to find a cafe in Israel that did not charge for internet, and for some reason there are many cafe’s that offer wi-fi, but they have a contract with t-mobile or another carrier and make you sign up and charge you in order to access the internet. A las, I miss my free internet.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A New Masters Champion is Crowned (Day 4)

Today was the day I and every golf fan have been waiting for. There were so many possibilities of who could be the champion that you could not really put your money on anybody. The running of the bulls was more chaotic than the other days. More people showed up today and more people wanted to put their chairs on hole 18. Once the gates opened there was a mad rush to 18 and somehow my parents and I got separated and in the end our chairs were in different places on 18, but I was lucky enough to get a spot next to the scorecard house. After we put our chairs down we went to get some breakfast, and I followed Justin Rose for his front nine and went to check on my chair, and to my surprise someone had removed my business card that was on the back of my chair and put a cigar ring! I turned to the security guard and asked if my chair had been removed, since people were trying to crowd their chairs in the designated area the security guards were instructed to remove chairs that were not placed in the appropriate area. Thankfully this morning the head of security put his chair next to me and we talked for a while before I left to get lunch, so he told me that even though my business card was missing from my chair that it was mine and he would deal with anyone who said otherwise. So every guard that was involved with the incident of my chair came up to me periodically through out the day and tapped me on the shoulder and jokingly ask me if this was my chair. The morning hours were a bit stressful, but as the day wore on and Tiger, Phil, Immelman, Snedekar, and Ian Poultar teed off things began to get more exciting. As groups began to come in all of the contenders were approaching hole 16 and everyone was intently watching the scoreboard. Many people were cheering and hoping that Tiger would make a run as well as Phill and others were cheering for Sneadaker to make a move. As Phill hit his second shot on 18 his ball hit the TV tower on the left hand side of the green on 18 and it ricochet off of the TV tower and landed somewhere around the green on hole 9. He hit an amazing third shot back onto the green on hole 18 and made the putt for par. The last group finally made its way in and it was so classy of Snedaker to allow Trevor Immelman to walk up to the 18th green alone and receive all of the applause from the fans. The last putt by Immelman will forever be burned into my mind and hopefully my family and I will be able to go back to The Master next year.