Saturday, June 14, 2008

Golf in Poland?!

My father grew up in Poland and I have been there at least five times and I never thought that golf would be of interest in a country that is big in soccer. Boy was I wrong. Poland currently has 15 golf courses with many more on the way. As we were driving from the Czech Republic into Poland I saw a sign for a Par 12 golf course. Number one I couldn’t believe there would be a golf course so close to the boarder and two it was Par 12! I wasn’t sure what that meant, so we went back to the golf course a few days later and inquired about what Par 12 meant, and the caretaker had no idea. He thought the developer saw it on another sign and decided to put it on his sign. The golf course wasn’t even close to being ready, but he said that in about a year or so it will be an 18 hole golf course. The next time I go to Poland I will definitely make it a point to make time for a few rounds of golf. Here are some pictures of the “golf course.”

This is the club house...

A fabulous view and the putting green...

The yellow markers are on the first tee box, and in the distance you can see a castle!

I think this golf course will be beautiful when it is finished and I can't wait to come back in two years and play a few rounds.

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Colleen said...

This is such a cute and unique story. Love it!