Friday, May 16, 2008

Day Three - Moving Day

MOVING DAY!! For those of you who don’t watch the Golf Channel religiously, every Saturday is moving day. It is the day players movie as much up the leader board as possible in order to be in contention to win on Sunday. After the Running of the Bulls, which was not as hectic for us today, because we only wanted to put our chairs on hole 9, which is a great hole to watch players hit their shots into the green. Again, we were fabulously blessed with a great spot, second row behind the pin. After we put our chairs down we walked to hole four. A tricky par three with grand stand seating where you can watch players tee off, putt, and tee off on hole 5. As we made our way to hole four the weather started to cool down and the rain clouds moved in. My dad and I went to the golf shop and bought an umbrella, some breakfast and continued to make our way to whole 4. I brought a pair of rain pants and a rain jacket, but I did not pack them in the car this morning since I did not think it would rain. Boy was I wrong! After the first group teed off it began to rain really hard, and everyone in the grand stand took out their umbrellas, and I am sure it was a site to see on TV, since you could only see the tops of the umbrellas and not the people. The rain was on and off through out the day and when each player would come everyone would lower their umbrellas causing the accumulated water on each umbrella to dump on the unsuspecting patron next to or in front of them. After about four groups had passed the rain became worse and the bull horn sounded and a suspension of play was called. The grandstand cleared and everyone rand to find shelter. It was quite cold, but thankfully the rain was warm and did not do to much damage to the course. We waited about 30 minutes and suspension of play was cancelled and everyone went back to their chairs. After a bit of walking around we returned to our chairs on the 9th hole and I was not surprised to find our chair soaking wet. I bought lunch before we sat down and placed our plastic bags on our chair so our butts would not get wet, but I did not think of covering our entire chairs to protect our backs from getting wet. So, after a while of sitting in the cold with my back side soaked I decided to go and buy a blanket because the sun had disappeared, the wind picked up, and we still had at least five hours to go before we left. I bought my blanket, walked back to my chair and began to unwrap the blanket and I looked up at the person that was sitting behind me and it was Carolyn Bivens! I definitely felt my heart skip a beat. We looked at each other and I began to talk to her. I told her that I thought I saw her earlier in the week and I surprised to find her standing right behind my chair! I then told her that I was excited about the improvements she was making, and she was quick to say thank you and add that I would probably be the first one to let her know once I was unhappy with something that she did. We both laughed and I continued to tell her about what I am interested in and if she had any names at the LPGA that I could contact for some advice. She was surprisingly very helpful and gave me a few names at the LPGA. She was really nice, relaxed, and I wish I could have lunch with her and just pick her brain. She is an amazing woman and I cant wait to see what else she does with the LPGA. After we talked I wrapped my self in my blanket like a burrito and enjoyed the rest of the day.

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