Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 2

Friday started off the same way the other two days did, the running of the bulls was as crazy as yesterday, except today my mom was with us and we wanted to put our chairs down on hole 16 again. There are so many gates leading into Augusta National, and there is a gate right behind hole 16, so those who line up at that gate get a better spot than those who have to come all the way over from the main entrance of the course, so we thought. The tournament organizers roped off specific areas that were designated for chairs only, and we were lucky enough to be in the second row of seats right in front of the pin location for that day, which was a great spot. Many players tried to go for the pin, but since the pin was in a tight location we only saw two or three birdies the whole day. It was fun to have the players come so close that you could hear the conversations they were having with their caddies about the slope and speed of the greens. I sat with my parents until lunch had passed and I walked to hole four to meet up with one of my favorite players Justin Rose. He was tied for the lead with four under after the first day, which was a great start. When I saw him tee off yesterday I noticed that he has a swing just like my swing coach Kris! I was really excited about that, so I decided to follow him today and learn about his swing, pre-shot routines, and putting strokes. I followed him through hole 12 and met up with my parents again who were watching Tiger Woods on hole 13. We went back to our chairs and watched the rest of the field come in on hole 16. The last group came through and we packed up and made our way to our car. Normally the flow of traffic has not been a problem, but for what ever reason today the traffic cops made our side wait over 45 minutes before they would allow traffic to flow through to the main street. Cars were honking trying to change to the right lane so they could make a turn onto the main road going in the opposite direction and then make a U-turn when possible so they could go the direction they originally wanted. Eventually after an hour of siting in traffic we made it home just in time to watch Golf Central. We practically ate, slept, and breathed golf everyday that we were in Augusta, which is basically something I do on a daily basis any way, but it was nice to see that my parents were joining in on my obsession, even though it would only last for a week.

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