Saturday, November 22, 2008

Farewell to Annika

Yesterday was Annika's last day on the LPGA tour for now at least. Even though I have never met her she always carried herself as a strong, compassionate, yet quiet person. She gave so much back to the game of golf and we will truly miss her. She changed the game for the better as did Tiger, when they were not satisfied with a game of just consistency. They both became better players and athletes by incorporating weight training, conditioning, and nutrition into their daily routines. I believe that if Tiger hadn't gotten so strong in the gym that you would not see so many players hitting as far as they do and the game would not have progressed as it has. Golfers have become strong athletes regardless of what the outside world says. In order for professional golfers to perform at their best at all times during a tournament requires a lot of hours not just in the gym, but on the course practicing. As I found out, the hard way, in Florida for the Golf Channel Amateur Tour National Championship what you put into your body makes a difference in your performance. I was not eating enough of the right foods and my game dropped dramatically after the first seven holes. I was on my way to one of my best rounds and because I wasn't eating enough my body was not fully nourished and did not perform. Annika will sadly be missed, but we will always remember how she changed the game of golf and I will not be surprised if we see her in the future.


hacker2 said...

I had the pleasure of seeing Annika play in a tournament a few years ago in Ft.Worth. I was amazed at her ability to totally concentrate on each shot.
Her golf career is a great example of a good person not just for womens golf but for all of golf.

Golf Friendlly said...

Annika can definitely be looked upon as a role model in golf and an athlete.

BR said...

Annika has had an incredible career and I am sure she will do even better things off the golf course. Wonder if Tiger will go the same route?