Sunday, December 7, 2008

LPGA Q-School (Qualifying School)

Q-school if finally over and we get to see the rookies for next years 2009 LPGA Season. Personally I follow LPGA Q-school more than PGA Q-school, just because I feel for women golf is a different game than it is for men. Anyway, I wished the Golf Channel would televise LPGA Q-School. Not much else is going on in the golf world, so I don't see why not. Whatever. Now onto the exciting news. In case you haven't seen the results for today Stacy Lewis finished out on top with 18 under for the five days with Amy Yang not far behind at 15 under. Michelle Wie Finished tied for 7th place with 12 under, which in my opinion is great. I know there are so many Michelle Wie haters out there, and she has made some really stupid decision in the past, but that is in the PAST! As golf teaches us put all of your mistakes in the past and don't look back on them, and we should do the same! Forget what Michelle has done in the past and look at what she is doing right now. She has a great swing, a coach that is doing what he can to help her become the best she can be, and I think now she is working harder than ever. She knows she has to prove to the rest of the world that she is worthy of playing with the best, and I think she is. By going to q-school and finishing in the top 10 she has shown us the she is ready to play some real golf and compete on the women's tour with the best FEMALE golfers in the world. I can't wait to see what she will bring to the tour next year. As far as Stacy Lewis goes I am so happy she won the whole thing! She is an amazing golfer and she was struggling during the season with money and being able to play enough tournaments and earn enough money to get her tour card. Stacy has a great golf history already. You can check out all of the detail about Stacy and her amazing career here. Amy Yang who won second place played this year on the LPGA tour as a rookie and has one LET (Ladies European Tour) victory under her belt. I can't wait to see what all of the women who received their tour cards will do next year. I hope everyone is having a great Winter Golf Season!


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BR said...

In my opinion - everyone was has been way too hard on Michelle. We all need to remember how we were at 16...and then imagine someone handing us 10 Million Dollars...she has handled it all pretty well.

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