Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Journey to Augusta

A few months a go we were greatly given the opportunity to go to Augusta and experience a full week of The Masters along with accommodations. This trip has been something my family has been planning for a few months, but it has not really hit me until today while I was trying to get everything organized at the office so there were no loose ends while I was away. I have been reading the rules over and over about what days I can take pictures and the what the autograph policy entails. So far I have found that you can take pictures only on practice-round days (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) and autographs are prohibited on grounds at all times, except for the parking lot. Thankfully I do not have to stand in line next to the scorecard tent to get autographs from the players and I can just enjoy the amazing golf as well as the beautiful golf course. I plan on soaking in every moment as well as taking as many pictures as I can with out bothering to many people. I will post all of the pictures and keep you updated on my experience.

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