Monday, March 24, 2008

The Golf Channel Amateur Tour

Winter is finally over and daylight saving is finally here! This means two things.
1. I can finally start consistently working on my game and see some improvements.
2. Tournament season is finally here! Tournaments are always a great way to see how your game truly is and if you have been practicing the right way. Last weekend was the tour opener in Stockton,Ca and I had been practicing and gearing up for this tournament since January, but of course I had some swing issues the week before. So, the last week I ended up working hard on my swing, which wasn’t what I was planing on and it left me a little worried because I wasn’t where I wanted to be with my game. This left me a little worried going into the tournament and I had to switch my mentality from wanting to win to having no expectations, which in a way is the mentality you want to have going into tournaments. My ball striking was my down fall as well as my chipping, but my putting saved me on every hole and I am so glad I practiced the push drill for hours to build up my confidence. My next tournament isn’t until the end of April so hopefully I can get my swing issues remedied, and from the video my mom took of my swing I think my only issue is that I am holding onto the club a bit too long, which causes the club to stay open. I have posted my swing below and I would like to hear what you guys think!



I love the rhythm and tempo of your golf swing! How can you shoot in the 100's with a swing that good? I know how! Obviously you need to be working on your short game. If your wedge game from 100 yards and in to your chipping and putting was as good as your full-swing you'd shoot in the 70's.

Patricia said...

Andrea !!! Your swing is amazing !!!
I hate you !!!

:o/ ---> ;o)

Anonymous said...

hey that's awesome!


Andrea said...

Thanks everyone! Now that I have the look of the correct golf swing down I guess the next step it to get the ball straight. ;)