Thursday, August 30, 2007

This is why I love golf!

After what I thought to be a disastrous tournament overall for my game; I did get to see some improvement in my short game which I think is the most important part of anyone’s game. You may mess up in the fairway, but your short game can definitely save you.

Monday was my day off only because our course and facilities were closed for maintenance. I am always anxious to get back on the course to figure out how to improve my swing ands improve my overall confidence. Lately I have not been feeling comfortable when I am addressing the ball, the feel at contact, and just my swing in general. For some odd reason, one day my swing can feel great and if I take a few days off or am on vacation, I loose everything that I have worked hard on and in a way feel like I am at square one. With that said, I am taking a week off and going to New York to visit my family for this labor day weekend. I played on Tuesday and I finally got my swing back, I was getting great contact with the ball, and just feeling comfortable again. I hope that my vacation will not hinder my game again, since I might be playing in a tournament a day after I get back. At times, the vicissitudes of my game are frustrating. I dedicate my free time to practicing and to becoming the best I can be, so mentally it takes a toll on me. Golf is mentally challenging, which many people who do not play golf do not understand. If you always second-guess yourself, you will never get the results you want which makes you more frustrated and make the game harder to play. However, this is why I love the game as much as I do. Everyday you can say to yourself, “today feels like a good day and I am going to have my best round.” Once you get on the course that might not always be the case. The key to a great round is staying positive, which I am struggling with, but patience is a hard thing to learn.

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