Monday, August 27, 2007

Playing golf with four men

This week the club I play at has been closed because of a major tournament for MEN. They call it the Tall Trees Invitational and each participant in the tournament has a partner, which must be from a different club and for three days they compete against other teams and are treated like kings! The entire course, practice facilities, and the restaurant are closed because of these MEN, which means that for those three days I do not get to practice. One member even told me that he does not like to play in the tournament because all of the men who participate "think they are playing in the British Open."

On Saturday they club was so kind as to let the other member come and play after the tournament, but we would have to walk. I usually walk with a push-cart, but I did not bring my push-cart that day because I thought we could use a cart and attempt to play 18 holes. So they gave me a small bag to put my clubs in, which was broken and kept falling over every time I set my bag down, and my dad and I set off to play with a friend of ours. I started off well and we were having fun until we got to the fourth hole, which was a disaster for me, but I am getting better at letting those holes go and I can recover from them pretty well. On the fifth hole two other friends decided to join us, so I was playing in a group of four men and three of them already think they are hotshots and two of them love to tell me what they think I am doing wrong. Of course, listening to tips from anyone else but my coach really ticks me off, and after that my game went down the drain. I tried everything I could to get my swing back and to not let them phase me, but nothing worked. Even not trying to think about my swing and just ignoring them didn't help. When I take 10 steps back when I have taken three steps forwards in my game really gets me since I practice so much and isn't what I wanted see from my game the day before a tournament. I could even hear two of the men as I was on the tee box discussing my stance and my swing as I was addressing the ball! How annoying is that!


Lisa Amorao said...

It must have taken a lot of restraint not to tell those men off.

Tavita said...

Keep up the good work.