Friday, September 5, 2008

PGA Expo - Day 2

Today we had a few meetings with the clothing companies and we went through all of their collections for winter, spring and summer. Clothing companies mostly categorize each collection by their delivery date, so most of the delivery dates were from Nov. to May. Our first stop was at Tail and they had some interesting colors for their Nov. to Jan collection and I wasn’t to excited about that collection, but the colors for the rest of the collections coming at the beginning of the year and for spring are great. I will do a breakdown of each companies color schemes for each season with pictures so you can see what I am talking about.


Collection Name: Pythonic Games (Nov. - Jan.)

Colors: Navy, Cream, White

Patterns: Cream Python Print, Black Python Print

Collection Name: Tropical Punch (Jan. - Mar.)

Colors: Pink, Cream, and Orange Sherbet

Patterns: Tropical Print, Ombre Stripe

Collection Name: Citrus Infusion (Feb. - Apr.)

Colors: Apple Green, White, Midnight Navy, Sunburst

Patterns: Plaid (Apple Green and Navy), Tee Print Shirt

Collection Name: Opposites Attract (Mid Feb. to Mid May)

Colors: Black, White, Azalea

Patterns: Dash Jacquard Shirt (Black and White)

Collection Name: Free Spirit (Mar. - May)

Colors: Red, White, Midnight Navy

Patterns: Red and White Graphic Spheres Print Shirt

Collection Name: Frosted Glacier

Colors: Frosted Blue, White, Sandino (khaki)

Patterns: Abstract Foil Print, Pinstripe Pants

After Tail we wondered around until we had an appointment at Penguin. We went through the Men and Women’s Collection so we will first go through the Men’s collection for all of my male readers out there. There is some great stuff and this week I will try and put some outfits together to give you an idea of various color combinations. :)

( No Picture)
Collection Name: Original Penguin Ultra-Basic Pique Collection

Colors: Royal, Bright White, Aster Purple, Chardonnay, Green Eyes, Granadina (red)

Patterns: None

Collection Name: Collection I

Colors: Royal, Papyrus, Jelly Bean (green) , Bright White, Malibu, Red

Patterns: Two Plaid Shorts, Fine lined Short, Plaid Vest,

Collection Name: Collection II

Colors: Aster Purple, marshmallow, Chardonnay, Golf grey, Highrise Plaid Shirt

Patterns: Striped Shirts, Plaid Shorts

Collection Name: Collection III

Colors: Granadina, Green Eyes, Crown Jewel, Peacoat, Chick Yellow

Patterns: Plaid Shorts, Striped Shirts

For whatever reason I don’t have the delivery dates on these, but they are probably the same as the delivery dates for the women’s collection, which was my favorite collection of the whole show.

Women's Collection

Collection Name: Collection I (Nov. 25th)

Colors: Blanco Trimmed with Yellow Cream, Blue Print, Blanco, Yellow Cream,

Patterns: Lined pants, Paisley Print Pant, Plaid Pant

Collection Name: Collection II

Colors: Emberglow Trimmed in Blanco, Angel Blue, Blanco, Bear
Pattern: Floral Print Short, Plaid Shorts, Lined Pants

Collection Name: Collection III

Colors: Blanco Trimmed in Angel Blue, Blue Print, Angel Blue, Angel Blue trimmed in Blanco

Patterns: Swirl Print shorts, Plaid Shorts

There were so many great things I liked from this collection that I had a hard time choosing exactly what I wanted to buy.

Lija was the next collection we went to go see and there were some cute things and Lija decided to put together a fun collection of dresses that were not necessarily for golf, but all of the pieces reminded me of the Stella McCartney Golf Collection. I did not take any pictures of that particular collection, but if anyone is interested in seeing it just let me know and I will take some.

Collection Name: High Society (Feb. 1st)

Colors: Regatta (Light Blue), Sunset, Pewter

Patters: Patterned Skort and Short, Plaid Skort and Short

Collection Name: Barefoot In The Park (March 1st)

Colors: Daquiri, White, Espresso, Margarita

Patterns: Plaid Skort and Shorts, Olive patterned Skort and Shorts, Polka-dot Shirt

Collection Name: An American In Paris (April 1st)

Colors: Bayou (Turquoise), heather Grey, Black, Maize (Yellow)

Patterns: Plaid Skort and Shorts, Ziggy patterned Skort and Short

Collection Name: Roman Holiday (May 1st)

Colors: Magenta, Bermuda (dark mint green), Amphora, Lavendula
Patterns: Plaid Skort and Shorts, and Rosebud Skort and Shorts

I love this skirt!

It was a really long, but exciting day. I had a really good time looking at all of clothes and matching them and comparing notes to the buyer at our club Michelle. If anyone has any questions on the brands that I saw or you want to see more pictures just let me know. There are more brands to come. Our last day at the Expo we saw the collections for Under Armor, Sport Haley, Jamie Sadock, and a new company call Jaxon. :)

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