Saturday, July 19, 2008

Haggin Oaks

This last weekend was a runner-up tournament to the Women's Club Championship and it was a good test of the status of my game. My driving and iron shots were great, but my short game including bunker play showed me that I needed to do some work on them. I practiced my putting before I got out there because I knew that the greens would be a lot faster than what I am normally use to, but because of the fires in Sacramento, Haggin Oaks has been saturating the course and greens in order to keep them alive. For whatever reason, I could not get this through my thick skull and I would always leave my long puts short and forced myself to have eight footer for par. Not the ideal situation you want to have, but as long as I made them, then I was happy. At the end of the day I was overall happy with the result so I stuck around to see what the other players in my flight shot. I am happy to say that I was driving home with a big smile on my face and a wonderful trophy in the passengers seat. I was lucky enough to shoot an 89 and win in a scorecard playoff! Ever since Thunder Valley Casino became the title sponsor of the tour we got really cool new trophies and I just had to have one. I worked hard to sharpen up my game and it paid off and I am so happy to finally win again and accomplish another goal. Up next...The Women's Club Championship!!

Here are some other pictures form the tournament...enjoy!

The scoreboard with Phillip the Tour Director

Here is another one of Phillip

Here is a picture of my shoe Heaven! (They are all Adidas shoes of course!)
Haggin Oaks is not just a golf course, but a golf complex! You can take lessons there and shop until you drop! They have two stores full of golf related accessories and apparel. I definitely had fun in the Adidas section. (Sorry no picture)

These are the fabulous shoes that I bought! I couldn't resist.

This is a picture of one of the tables in the restaurant/bar area. The tables are covered in old golf magazine articles and pictures.

These last pictures are from a golf tournament that Haggin Oaks holds, I assume every year, called the Golf and Guitars Tournament. They get a few country singers to come out and play golf for charity. I wish I could play in that tournament.

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