Thursday, July 24, 2008

Club Championship Day 2

After Thursday's practice I felt really good about my game and maybe I made the mistake of having somewhat of a high expectations for Friday. I definitely wanted to shoot a better score than what I did on Thursday since all of the kinks felt ironed out and I was feeling confident about my game. The first shot went really well, but left me with a little bit of a down hill lie, which I did not factor into my next shot and my ball went into the green side bunker. But, I had a good shot out of the bunker and two putted for a bogey and as I said before, I am just looking to play bogey golf. Our second hole is a par three, 100 yards with an elevated tee. I hit a great shot with a pitching wedge that left me with a 20 ft putt, which was the closest to the pin in our group. I missed the putt, but I made par which felt good. Overall, the front nine went well, but I did have quite a few unforced errors. The back nine was pretty much disastrous. I wasn’t getting any breaks and if I hit a great shot it would hit the edge of a bunker and go in. The last hole was unbelievable. It is a par five with water on the right, two bunkers that are on the left, which are in play, and then water around the green. I hit my drive left, but I thought it would be OK because it hit the cart path instead of going straight into the water. I did not see where it landed, so I thought it landed in the rough somewhere by the cart path. But when I got down there the ball ended up in the water and I had to take a drop. I hit a great second shot and I had 100 yards left to the hole. The water was in play and the pin was in the top of a mound, which I have never seen before, so that was a bit of a shock, and the green is very deceiving to begin with. I thought that since I was after the 100 yard marker that if I hit my pitching wedge it would be no problem. I hit the shot and it landed in the rough and rolled into the water. I walked up to the spot where my ball hit with one of my playing partners and I was about to take a drop, but then she said that my ball did not hit above the hazard line so I had to go back and hit the shot again. I clubbed up and hit the green and made a great second putt but it just hit the lip and didn’t go in, so I ended up with a 10. I walked off of the green and I almost felt like crying. I wanted to show the women I played with that I can play well and for whatever reason it didn’t happen that day and it just piled up and I normally don’t crack, but I came close to it. Thankfully I didn’t. Hopefully something will click during my practice on Sunday and I will play better for the final day.


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