Friday, February 22, 2008

4. Short Game

Your short game is another aspect of your game which can make or break your score so be sure to not just work on your putting, but your chipping and bunker play around the greens. I am one of those players that believes I don’t need to practice my bunker shots because I never end up in them and when I do I don’t think my bunker play is too bad. But there are those times, for example last weekend, where I just get unlucky bounces and end up in bunkers and it will take me two or three attempts to get out of them. Just a few extra shots in the bunkers definitely dented my nine hole round. So, the only tip I have for you for practicing your bunker play comes from a lesson I took about a year ago. Draw a half circle (wide circle) in the sand and make notches about 12 inches apart or how ever far apart you like and take a swing at each notch like it is your golf ball. This will show you how much of a divot you are taking and how much the divot is behind or in front of the ball and how deep your divot is.

Tomorrow I wil post some general information of how to play a bunker shot as well as some cool other shots to try the next time you go out and play. :) Happy practicing!

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