Sunday, February 24, 2008

3. Bunker Shots

Here is some extra information about bunker shots as well as examples of various types of shots to try out. There are two major factors to note in bunker shots and they are the loft of the club and the bottom of the swing. Factor #1, The loft of the club face is very important and related to the launch angle, distance and direction the ball travels. It is important to keep a square club face through out the shot, the right hand and right wrist remain the same during the swing motion, which will allow the loft of the club to stay the same. Factor #2, contact between the club and the sand or the bottom of the swing. The first step to taking the guess work out of bunkers is to first and always analyze the situation and then decide what club to use and what shot you want to play. Most of us do the exact opposite. I usually just grab my sand wedge or my 60 degree and then hit the shot. Here are some interesting tips I found on this website I don’t recommend using any of these tips without practicing them or at least attempting them a few times before real round. I have not tried some of these shots so I cannot swear that they work, but it will definitely give you something to think about.

Putt it Out
First you must asses the situation and decide if using the putter out of a bunker is the right choice. Using the Texas wedge to escape a bunker should only be attempted when the sand is firm, the ball is not buried, and the bunker has a very small lip (if any) with a rounded edge. If you attempt this shot without these conditions be prepared to hit another shot from the bunker. Here we go, once you are ready address the call as you normally would with your putter on the green and with your standard putting grip. Play the ball back in your stance, which will allow the putter to not tough the sand and catch as much of the ball as possible through impact. The key to making this shot work is to catch all ball and no sand, so remind yourself to hit the ball above the sand in the upper hemisphere at contact with the face of the putter. Expect the ball to roll much like it would on the green and then pop over the lip. Since you are hitting all ball and no sand don’t be afraid to hit the shot harder than you would a normal putt from this distance. The off-center strike and spin from the hop will reduce the speed of the ball, so make sure to give it some extra speed. To find some more interesting bunker techniques go to the website above and hit away! Enjoy!

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