Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Golf Channel National Championship Day 1

I had a late tee time this morning which was on one hand great because I got to sleep in. On the other hand it meant that I would have to play in the brunt of the heat, which was 105 degrees today. After a good warm up I made my way to the tee box, met my playing partners (they were both men) and we were off. I started off really well with two pars, a double, two bogies, birdie, and then I had a quad on a par 4. I got a lucky bounce into the fairway on my tee shot but hit my second shot into the water, dropped, hit my third shot way left of the green, had a blind flop shot onto the green and two putted for an 8. I happily rebounded from that with a par on the next but doubled the 9th. As we walked off the 9th green we received a pace of play warning. The entire front nine we were waiting for the group in front of us and all of a sudden we got to the 9th tee box and the group in front of us was gone. We got to 10 and they were gone. It wasn’t until we got to the 11th tee box that we caught a glimpse of them reaching the green. After the warning I had a 9 on hole 10 (par 4), 7 on hole 11 (par 5) and I recovered with two bogies, a par, a bogie, and 9 on a par 4. I got stuck in this unbelievable green side bunker. I couldn’t see the flag and it looked like the big red wall on the big break. I attempted that flop shot and it didn’t work so well. I finished the round with two bogies and shot a 99. I kept my spirits up during the round and didn’t let the big numbers get me down. Overall I was really happy with how I was striking the ball and with my putting. I didn’t have any three puts and it was great to know that no matter what I could make whatever putt I left myself. Overall I am really happy with the way I played. It was just a few bad bounces and mental demons that messed up my round. I am in the middle of the pack in my flight so I am really excited to play tomorrow and see what happens. I hope this post makes sense. I am tired, it is late (for me), and I am off to bed. 7am tee time tomorrow at SilverRock.



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