Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cool iPhone App - TigerTrax

I love my iPhone and anything to make me love it even more is cool with me. The golf world has been getting more and more into new apps for smart phones which allows fans to keep up with their favorite players while they are out on the golf course. Well, that is usually where I am if I am not in front of my computer or TV. The TigerTrax app is AWESOME and allows fans to follow Tiger throughout all of his rounds and gives a break down of how he did hole by hole as well as how he did in each tournament.

Adding shot tracker would be a nice touch, but this app has everything you need to keep track of Tiger and his quest to break Jack’s record. Oh yeah...there is a page on the app for that too. You can download the app from the iTunes store and follow TigerTraxApp on Twitter


Can someone make me a Paula Creamer app?! Pleaseeeeee! One for Rory McIlroy would be good too. ;)


Anonymous said...

I agree it's great to see all these iphone apps, so useful.
For example there is a a good App to calculate the handicap out there (finally), it's called ihandicap (about 1$). Very nice, really easy to use.

Kristoffer said...

Also love my iPhone. Some real cool aps for us golfers. Looking forward for some cool GPS aps for the golf course.