Monday, June 29, 2009

The Rules of Golf

Here is another great tip I received from The Golf Channel Amateur Tour.---

Golf Channel Amateur Tour

There is nothing in the Rules of Golf that prevents a golfer from switching to a
different brand of golf ball (i.e., from a Titleist to a Bridgestone) on every hole
on the course - so long as the change is made between the play of holes.

However, there is something in the Rules of Golf that says a tournament committee
can impose such a rule.

It's called the "one ball condition" (in the rulebook, it's in Appendix 1, Part C),
more commonly known as the "one ball rule." As you probably know, all Tour events
are played under the "one ball rule." And any rules committee may adopt the "one
ball rule" for its competitions.


HIO Golf Doctor said...

Good To know! I thought that all events were one ball. Not that I change balls very often during a round, but a good fact to have in my bag. Thanks.

Mr Business Golf said...

There are a number of rules that can be altered or added by the local tournament committee...keep you eyes open when you plan in an event and see what the local rule the committee waves or puts in could help you chances of winning.

Golf Management said...

The one ball rule makes perfect since when it envoles the running of a tournament of any consequence.When just out for fun no one really seemes to care one way ore the other, at least in my circle of golf buddies.