Friday, February 20, 2009

LPGA Season Opener

Wow that was such and awesome tournament last week. Even though Paula didn’t play that well it was an awesome tournament and I think it was a great look into the future of the LPGA and this season. Michelle Wie had an awesome tournament and I think her lack of experience showed, when she didn’t win. And, in a way I didn’t really want her to win this first tournament of the season. I wanted her to have an awesome showing, but I think her winning the first tournament of the year would have hindered and in a way dented the rest of her season. It isn’t easy to win on tour and I didn’t want her think that since she now has her tour card that she was in a way entitled to have a win so early on in the season. I know she is capable of being a multiple winner out on tour, but I know how hard she has worked and I know how hard the rest of the ladies work, and I didn’t want Michelle to think that all of a sudden it would become easy, because it won’t. It will just get harder and harder, because Lorena will be back better than last year and everyone else will start to get into the swing of the season and start playing better. Because of this loss I think Michelle will improve and really really show everyone how good she really can be. Angela played an awesome round of golf the way a veteran of the game should. Angela saw an opening when Michelle made a mistake, and as a awesome golfer would do she capitalized on the mistake and she birdied three holes in a row and she won. Angela had an awesome tournament and I can’t wait to see more from her this season. I can’t wait to see what happens when Lorena makes her debut and a playoff happens between Paula, Lorena, and Michelle. Oooo that sounds awesome! Can’t wait for that!

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