Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Winter Golf Tips

Finally the winter storm has come and gone and hopefully for the rest of the winter we will have the beautiful California sun and chilly weather to play golf in. For those of you who are not as lucky as we are, weather wise, here are some tips to keep your golf game sharp.

7. The great thing about the New Year is that you can forget about all of those bad shots, lost golf balls, and the worst rounds of golf for the year. 2008 gives us a fresh start, so step on the tee and just remember you have the whole year to shoot low and high scores and loose some new golf balls. I can already say I can add 3 golf balls lost to my list and we are not even two months in. I guess I had better go buy some more golf balls.

6. In-door driving ranges are a great way to help your game or at least help you remember what the golf movements feels like. I have noticed when I take an extended break from golf and I go to the driving range my brain some how forgets how the golf swing should feel. I am a feel player and I know how my stance feels when I get it right or how a shot feels when I hit the ball in the sweet spot. Going to the range when I can and even just hitting a small bucket of balls keeps my golf swing fresh in my memory.

Here are a few tips that help me and since this post is already getting too long I will post the rest this week. Everyone has their own way of keeping in shape during the winter golf season and I am curious to know what works for you.

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